Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Physical Examination Office... aka "The Bad Place!"

The medical exam day is one more milestone that prepares us to come back to the states. This morning we met our guide at 9:30 sharp and headed down to the Medical Examination office. On the way, we stopped and had Visa pictures made for Lexi. She did well and we were in and out in less than 4 minutes. Next we walked to the office. Inside was full of Chinese people doing basically the same thing ... getting things in order to travel. The office that they usually use for adoption examinations was closed for renovations so we had to stand in the crowd. Our guide was wonderful at navigating through the different steps but Lexi quickly became overwhelmed with the noise and people. There were signs all over the place that said "be quiet" but just like a few of my classes at school... no one listened. It was not long before Lexi was crying that same disturbed cry she has a crowded dinners. We had disturbed her morning nap to begin with and had woke her for the visa picture and here we were overwhelming her with temperature check, weight (16lbs fully dressed) and height(27inches) checks by some nurses and the a dr. to listen to her heart beat... yet another to squeak a toy on each side of her ears to see if she could hear and then pry her mouth open to check her throat... another to check her skin (so thankful he paid no mind to the rash!) By this time Lexi was so upset she was crying and would not stop for anything. Finally, we covered her with her blanket and she found some peace. She started to nod off again and calm down and then came the rest... SHOTS! 5 of them! This time several nurses and I worked together. I had to hold her legs between my legs to keep her from kicking. The nurse seemed to take forever as Lexi cried, screamed, lost her breath, and turned red over and over again. By the time Lexi was finished we were both crying. I gave her a bath of tears flowing all over her precious little head. When it was finally over we covered her head again, held her close and began the soothing process. I have not gotten her daddy to own up to it, but I think he had tears in his eyes as well. I cried more today than on Lexi-J Day. I couldn't bare to see my daughter in such distress. We had to wait another 30 LONG minutes in the office to make sure she had no allergic reactions. Thankfully, there was none and we took her back to the hotel. Her Daddy fixed her a bottle, she drank it and I pushed her in the stroller until she fell asleep. Finally getting her nap and finally able to settle down.

I will let Geoff post the next part of the morning... last bit of paperwork!


Leighann said...

Looks like the girl has a good set of lungs for such a little chick in a couple of those pictures.

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Alyson and Ford said...

Oh.... so sorry about the pain we see our children go through! Our little AA screamed all through the Visa picture taking and the Doctor's appointment. Keep her close; hope she is feeling better.

Alyzabeth's Mommy