Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back tracking for awhile...

On June 6th we left GA for week's vacation on FL. The freaky weather for this year followed us! The longer we drove the harder it rained. My sister, Carolyn, was not far behind. Her hubby, John, who was supposed to go with us postponed because he is (in the best of my non-military understanding) a rear-brigade commander something or another (sorry no disrespect intended!!... my memory and intellect leave me!) and because of 3 tragic losses in the GA National Guard that are currently deployed he could not join us. My BIL is the epitomy of a patriotism to our country and had to do what is necessary in his line of duty. We missed him all the same. HOWEVER.... the fast-forward BACK to 2008 when he stepped on the beach on Tybee Island!.... Scretch!!! The black clouds formed.... and less than 10 minutes of us setting up in a sunny spot did the bottoms drop out of the sky and thunder and lightening begin!

So... as the black clouds followed us, Geoff made the comment that John should be MADE to come to FL to step on the beach and reverse the curse! As soon as we got to our condo, the bottom fell out and it rained like cats and dogs!!!

During this time we learned that #1: the condo had two stories!! Yikes! A toddler hazard! and #2: our cell phone signals just totally 100% stunk!!! and #3: because we had no cell phone signal... we had NO internet as well!!!

Our BARGIN condo was challenging from the start... and did I mention that the coffee table was glass??? We quickly disassembled that thing for the safety of LJ!

WELL! As soon as the rain stopped and it cleared pretty good, I announced that we should take LJ to see the beach! Well, I guess all Mama's have ideas of how things things will go so I got out the stroller and we all gathered our shoes unaware of the PUDDLES OF WATER ALONG THE WAY!!! Our short 2 minute walk to the beach was paired with puddle jumping skills! I ended up taking off my shoes and at the last minute we ditched the stroller but it was too late. (I'll explain later!)

Lexi took one look at the beach and was thrilled! We showed her shells, sand, and surf and were just thrilled with her curiosity! We didn't spend too much time because it was late and we needed to eat dinner. So we headed back to the condo and made our way to Fernandino Beach. We ate dinner at Brett's and Lexi did great! About the time the bill came, as usual LJ became restless and she and I took a walk. We went down to the docks and looked at birds and fake sharks and then headed back. I took ONE look at Geoff and knew something was wrong.

Screech!!!!! ..... okay remember the beach visit with the stroller??? He twisted his back and pulled a muscle that "froze" up during dinner!!! He was in pain! I could see it behind the silly grin but it was not my Geoff! Carolyn had no idea. He finally admitted that he had pulled a muscle. We walked around the downtown area for awhile but then headed home. The longer the evening went, the worse his back felt!

Lexi on the other hand was having a hard time adjusting to the new surroundings. She wimpered every time we put her down. It was understandable. We have only been home exactly 3 months to the day when we leave home and go to a strange place for her. We all did what we could to help her adjust. We blocked off the stairs and gave her as much one on one time as she needed. Fortunately, she is a "creature of habit" and she went to bed easily! Our girl LOVES her sleep just like her mommy!!

We awoke on Sunday morning and poor Geoff could barely get out of bed!! It took awhile and he was in great pain! Little LJ could not understand why her ever-present Daddy could no longer pick her up! To speed this along, Geoff agreed easily to go to the Urgent Care on the Island. He felt terrible that he was so useless to everyone! I drove him and for the first time left her with someone other than my Mom! I do trust my sister and because we had all visited the beach the day before thought nothing of the two of them going down to the beach. I started to gather sunscreen and towels and floats... only to be told bluntly by my sis that in no way would she take LJ to the beach without US! She said "you waited 3 years for her and I will NOT go without you!". I was thinking at the time that LJ knew her and that she knew LJ and that it would be okay. I guess no two people think alike.

When we finally make it back to the condo with meds for Geoff, my sis was sitting at the top of the condo stairs dozing off as she awaited us to come home. SHe knew from all of our conversations that LJ tends to want to nap about at 11:00 am so when she started to rub her eyes, she put her in the pack and play. LJ went right to sleep! But Carolyn stayed at the top of the stairs to make sure LJ did not get out and fall down the stairs. Now that's an Auntie on Duty!!!

Later in the day, we took her to the beach and LJ just loved the waves and the sand! We have a gazillion pictures of it! I felt so bad that every move Geoff made gave him pain. He did well and did NOT complain but it was hard for him. So... by Monday AM we decided he should go back to GA and because LJ was so out of sorts, she went with him to stay with her Nanny for a few days.

That was last Monday... the rest will continue ASAP.... along with pictures of our adorable little LJ!

This is one of my favorites... one day I will scrapbook it... It captures the pure wonder of a new experience. Wonder.. pure and simple. (That or her thinking... "wow, what a BIG BATH TUB!!"

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Sounds like an adventure! Love the Shutterfly pics!