Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 17 Month's Lexi!

Lexi is 17 months old today! She started my day extra early today for some reason (waking earlier than usual as I watched her jumping around in the crib!) She was full of energy while I on the other hand was suffering from an allergy flair up! I fed her breakfast of eggs and yogurt and we headed to the living room. I was just feeling so tired and miserable that I laid on the couch and watched her play.. She was great and allowed me to let my medicine kick in. We didn't go anywhere today or do anything special. Lexi's new thing is to fuss at us in "baby talk". She's pretty good at it too. She's heard me tell the dogs they are being "bad" too many times apparently so that word is going to be squashed in our house for awhile. If we don't do what she wants now, she points her finger and says very clearly "BAD!". It's cute but not really. We don't want to raise a little bossy child. I even had to put in the the pack and play today for hitting Sable. So... is LJ about to enter the terrible twos stage??? I hope not! Usually as long as you are doing what she wants she is a complete and total joy to be with but sometimes we have to do other things and that's when fussy little Lexi appears! Like this afternoon while I tried to make dinner... she was not a happy camper as I fried hamburgers but yet once it was time to eat them she was! She is certainly full of spirit and personality and each day reveals more and more to us. She is strong willed and SUCH a great MIMIC! I was telling my Mom tonight that it is a good thing that we do not swear in our house. Otherwise, she'd be saying more than "bad" when she gets upset! LOL!

In the picture above, she is wearing an adorable Baby Gap outfit my sister bought her last week. LJ just loves to wear a hat! I put on a cute little 9 month outfit on her today after her bath that had a hat that we got from my sister's friends Jennifer and Leslie. It was adorable! She walked around the house with that hat on. Our little one loves her hats and sunglasses! She is still tiny. Most of the clothing she wears is 6-12 months in size and some of her shorts and pants are still 3-6 months. She is certainly healthy and is gaining weight but she is going to be petite no doubt about it! She wears a size 3 1/2 shoe and boy does she love her some shoes! (It's one of her favorite words!)

So at 17 months old here are a few details of note...
* last week I taught her to say "good girl"
* she makes my heart swell with love every night when she blows me kisses and giggles so sweet when I "catch" her kisses!
* She is about 19 lbs now!
* Her daddy to her is better than chocolate chip cookies
* She can say approximately 35 words (when she wants to!)
* She has changed my Mom's name of Granny to Nanny (no other grandchild has done this before)
* She gives such sweet little puckered up kisses now and just loves to tell people "bye, bye" (I get annoyed with rude check-out people who ignore her!)
* She hate the grass unless it is her idea to walk there
* She loves to play in water anywhere... bath, pool, beach, waterhose and does not care if she gets splashed!
* She loves hats and sunglasses and pretty dresses and outfits but does not care if she gets dirty (just like Mommy!)
* She is perfect!

She is ours and we are so thankful to God for every second with her!

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mhsands said...

She is just so dang cute and funny!

Tracy said...

Sounds like she is blossoming perfectly!

Anonymous said...

You forgot one for the list.......She loves her Aunt Carolyn!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And her Aunt Carolyn loves her too!!!

Shannon said...

Wow, Lexi's language is great! What a wonderful update. Yes, she IS perfect!!! =)