Saturday, June 27, 2009

Playdate with Dj and Andrew!

This morning we got up and got Lexi ready for a very special play date! My very good friend Samantha and her family were home visiting her parents for the weekend and they wanted to meet Lexi. So we headed to a really nice McDonald's in Richmond Hill for breakfast. Well... it was play mostly! Samantha and Dan have two boys! They look almost like twins! The kids played and had such a great time! All of us adults had a great time as well. Samantha and I have endured a lot together... I was her mentor when she started teaching and we taught 5 great years together! Then she moved to Atlanta, met Dan, got married, and then we shared the trying to get pregnant time of our lives. Samantha was finally able to get pregnant and had TWO boys while we waited for Lexi! So you can only imagine the history we have together providing support, love and friendship over the years. To see our children playing together was a dream come true! It was a really special day!

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sfennell said...

Oh sounds like you guys had a great visit. The boys do look like twins. You must have gone to the new McDonald's in Richmondhill by Publix. It is one of our favorite places. We are off to Amelia soon (I couldn't stand to miss our beach trip) Macy has continued to ask when we were going and I know that she really loves it. Before school gets out lets set a play date by the pool!

sfennell said...

Oops I meant before school starts!