Friday, June 26, 2009

Meeting New Friends and a few Pests!

Today my parents had two very special visitors! Linda and John from Charleston! I don't know how they all met but some of my earliest memories are of Linda and my Mom and all of us kids doing things together. Even after we moved to Ga. they have stayed in contact and visit each other from time to time. So this morning, when Mom called to say Linda and John were coming I wanted to make sure they got to meet Lexi. Lexi really enjoyed having another Nanny and Papa to play with and we all enjoyed a nice visit.

At one point, I dressed Lexi in our 4th of July outfit and took her outside to take a few pictures so that I could make a card to send some family. Richard was helping me and we were both watching for mosquitos BUT near then end when Lexi discovered the birdbath I thought the speck of black on her forehead was a piece of dirt... once we got back inside I quickly realized that that "dirt" was indeed a mosquito! She reacts so badly to mosquitos and they swell up so terribly. I felt just awful. I ended up using the picture but had to Photoshop the mosquito out of the picture.

It was a good time dispite the mosquito!

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