Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally... Vacation Post Part 3

I know I sound like a BROKEN record when I say... blogging is harder these days! I just looked back to see that my last vacation post was on the 18th! Here it is the 29th and I'm finally getting back to the story...

Anyhow... once Geoff and Lexi returned on Thursday all was well and good in my world again. On Friday, we took Lexi to the beach where she just loved playing in the water and sand. We finally took her in for a nap and got her ready for a very special reunion picnic! As I've posted over the years that I've had this blog, I've met some very special women. We've had a few meetings over the years during the wait. My first one was Philadelphia. This is where I met the most of them but then we added a few special women along the way and now there are 14 of us who keep in touch all the time. We planned this spring to met in Amelia Island. Everyone but us was staying at the Comfort Inn. I opted to share expenses of the vacation with my sister and get 8 nights on the beach instead of 3. It worked out super well because Carolyn got to meet all my special friends and their daughters too.

We had a picnic on Friday and then later hung out at the pool at the Comfort Inn. On Saturday morning we all met at the beach and played with the girls in the sand and surf. Then had lunch at a restaurant in walking distance from us. Later we all retreated for naptime and baths and then met at an Irish Pub for dinner. (All the girls were wearing a cute green ladybug dress that was given to us by Stephe!... Thanks sweetie!) It was awesome! After dinner, we took the girls to the beach and took pictures of them in sand wearing white dresses that one of the girls made each baby! (Thanks Kathy!) The picture above was done by Stephe and emailed to us all.

On Sunday, we had to pack up to leave but we did go by the beach to say goodbye to everyone who was there. We plan to meet somewhere at least once a year as a group. This year we had 10 of the 14 of us present. Next year we hope for 100%. It was amazing to see all the beautiful girls. I've watched them all come into our group beginning with Sophia to Susan and Riz and not last but least Mei Li to Evelyn and Jesus! We all have relied on each other over the wait, during and now after the adoption. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with such an amazing group of women! That weekend will certainly be one of the highlights of our first summer with Lexi! I hope to post more pictures of our entire vacation just as soon as I can find more time (LOL!) to do it!

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