Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Salt Water Pool + Formula = Yuck!

4 months ago today, Lexi was placed in our arms. so much has changed since then. As I type right now she is literally running from room to room squealing with joy! She is our sweet happy little girl! However today she made this 4 month anniversary memorable for me in more ways than one! I decided to get out of the house with her today and take her swimming at my sister's pool. I timed it around her nap thinking that I could enjoy floating in the pool during her nap and then enjoy some LJ time when she got up. Well... LJ had other ideas. She only napped for 30 minutes (are you kidding me!!!!) to her usual 2 to 2 1/2 hour nap! She wouldn't eat lunch or take a bottle. So we headed to the pool. I've said before how much she loves the water and today was no exception. She had a great time. I had a new set of "floaties" for her and she loved how much freedom they gave her (even if they are as big as she is!!) ! She actually would grab my hands and lean into the water until she fell in. Then I could turn her loose a few steps from the steps down into the water and she would "swim" to the steps. I kept telling her to close her mouth or she would not have enough water in Aunt Carolyn's pool to swim in. At one point she decided to find her first "prince". She leaned over and kissed Carolyn's pool frog. She was so impressed with his kissing "power" that she tried it again upon my request! Sorry LJ.... princes do not come for 17 month old baby girls! But your day is coming.... many, many years from now! (and even longer if your Daddy has anything to do with it!!)

Well, after a few hours, we left and went home. I thought it would be best to give her some milk before I put her down for her afternoon nap since she had not eaten or drank much before swimming. She drank about 3 - 4 ounces and then sat up. No big deal... normal Lexi when she is done until the spout of spoiled milk began!!!!!!!!! It erupted from her like a volcano! I was stunned as the warm yucky milk just kept coming and coming and coming!!! Her little dress was covered in milk... my shirt covered!... my skirt ... covered... dripping down my legs... to my flip-flops.... yucky!!! Yuck! Yuck! Finally I got up only to leave a trail of yuck all over the hardwood floor and the rug in the middle of the room all the way to the kitchen sink! I was stunned! Finally, we just started to strip our clothes off! I headed to the shower with a half naked Lexi in my arms and we took our first shower together. She thought it was great!. Me on the other hand could only think of the mess to clean up! I got her dressed and cleaned up and put her down for her nap and spent the next hour cleaning up the trail of puke from the recliner to the sink! Running the laundry... soaking up yuck... rolling up the rug.... cleaning the floor... vaccuming... more mopping... Ahh..... rest assured next trip to the pool I will make sure she drinks less salt water! She's not sick by any means tonight. It was just not a good combo for her. Tomorrow I will be using our carpet cleaner to deep clean the rug (more fun!!!).

The whole day was not worth the hassle! It took me 3 trips to load the car! One time I came back in only to discover Lexi licking the window by the door ... the window that Sable slobbers all over every day. Double yuck! (Mental note... clean the window MUCH more often!!!) It seems I spent about 40 minutes total loading/unloading and washing stuff just for our 2 hour splash in the pool! I did however have some precious time with her prior to the volcano vomiting spell. I really enjoyed her and know that she will eventually not drink too much salt water from the pool and throw up all over me. But for the next few trips.... I can guarantee I'll be more careful to NOT let her drink the pool water!!! Today was an example of the surprises of Parenthood! I'll still take it anyday over no LJ Day!

P.S. I forgot to mention that with all the "packing" for a day like today, I forgot the bathing suit for Lexi... hence the shirt and swimmy diaper! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Guess I'll have to set my house back up for a baby like I did when the grandkids were babies! I'll be looking for a pack-n-play and clean out a drawer for you to leave a few things of hers here. That way you won't have to bring so much! Besides, one day she's going to spend the night with ME!!! Love ya, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

How do you think I feel packing for two kids? LOL!! I forgot the formula and bottle liners one time!! We need to go to the pool together one day! I bet her and Brennen would have fun!