Thursday, June 18, 2009

Play Date Today With Melissa

I woke up this morning to the sound of "Mama, Mama, Mama" and it brought a smile to my face. I had planned with Melissa to go swim with her and Matthew today but it was raining and then she called to tell me that Matthew was going to visit his Grandpa. We decided to go anyhow and visit with Melissa. We went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant where Lexi showed off her newest trick... drinking from a straw! (just last weekend at the Panda Reunion...details will follow... I asked other mom's how they got their daughters to drink from a straw!) Yesterday, LJ spent a few hours with my Mom while I spent some time with Christopher Evan and Mom taught her how to do it! Go figure!

After lunch we went back to Melissa's where she proceeded to allow Lexi to do all things her Mommy will not! She gave her her own set of keys to play with, then let her play with a real camera, and then the real telephone!!! I sat there and said, "the next thing you know, she'll be playing with the remote!"... should have kept that to myself as she headed upstairs and came back with a spare remote for LJ. It's no wonder that every time Melissa left the room Lexi would call out "Mama". We tried to teach her how to say Melissa but Mama was the best she could do... looks like LJ has found her second Mama. LOL! Hey, doesn't everyone have one? I did growing up. Her name was Marge. I loved her so much!

Lexi did a little half naked swimming on the pool steps since the sun did come out and then ran around naked in Melissa house and peed on her bathroom rug!! Geoff would have stroked! We finally left and LJ fell asleep before we even got out of town. The remote was a hit! She refused to go to bed without it so Geoff gave it to her thinking she would crash and go to sleep and we would get it later. No such luck. I had to be the bad guy and take it so she would go to sleep. So with the keys and the remote, we can put up all the toys in the house for awhile!

I had to check Melissa's blog tonight as I KNEW she would find some cute way to show some of the pictures she took of Lexi. She is awesome at digital scrapping and is my digital mentor (knowingly or not!). So I totally ripped these cute pages from her blog! (THANKS MELISSA!)

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mhsands said...

Mi casa es su casa! Come anytime... I'll be saving stuff up for Lexi Lou to take home! LOL! Aunt Lissa has to spoil em, then send em home! :)