Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Sara and Chris had Brennen's birthday party today. Sara has been planning it for months and because it is so hot she decided to rent the pavilion at the rec department because it has plenty of room both inside and out and had air conditioning. Well... with temperatures around 100 degrees the air conditioner still had a hard time competing with the heat. It was a great party but it was hot and because it was so hot all of us missed the signs on sickness and after the party was over we realized that even after being inside, Brennen was still burning up! His fever was 102.6! Poor fellow! I look back at the pictures we took and how he was behaving and can clearly see a sick little boy! I wish we could do a do-over! When it was time for him to open presents, he laid down and tried to go to sleep. Me and Sara helped him open all of his presents. Next year, the party will be at my house indoors! I've already told Sara that I insist!

Brennen's official birthday is not until July 2 but given it is so close to the 4th of July they opted to have it the weekend before his official day. We gave him a train table for all of his Thomas the Tank Engine stuff. He loves Thomas! I can't believe our first grandson has grown to be two so quickly! He is and will always be so special to me! Of course Christopher Evan is loved just as much but Brennen has that title of being the first. Sara and Chris have beautiful boys! And we love the both so much!

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