Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bunny and Ears??

Yesterday we came home after work/school/shopping and began our evening.  I had some change in my pocket along with a lot of change on the counter so I got Lexi’s bunny out for her to feed.  She had lots of fun feeding her bunny and then was extra excited when Aunt Carolyn showed up to give her even more money for her bunny.
Oct 348
Then last night after going to bed, she awoke crying after I had gone to bed and her Daddy had stayed up late studying.  He tried everything he knew to get her back to sleep to no avail.  Finally, he put her down and went to bed.  Not long afterward she came to the door and I woke up to see her standing in our bedroom door and scooped her up and put her in bed with us.  She finally slept but when the alarm sounded this morning, I was in no way ready to go off to work and leave her.  So I called and took a sick day.  I made an appointment with her dr. and before we had to leave Lj and I just laid around being lazy and cuddling.  While I was getting ready to leave she fell asleep on the couch. 

Well, once we got to the pediatrician’s office, things got worse.  Although Lj had no temp, she did still have mucus and drainage from three weeks ago.  She also still had a cough.  So after examining her, the dr. said that her ears were so full of ear wax that she could not see to determine if her ears were still infected.  This is a common thing with Asians.  Their ear wax is different than Americans.  Ours is more waxy and theirs is more dry and “sand-like”.  They flushed Lj’s ears but nothing helped.  The thing that struck me the most was that it really hurt her.  It hurt to have her ears prodded.  And she began to cling to me just as she did on the very first day we met her.  She was suddenly my “koala bear” again.  Not crying out in huge loud screaming cries but silent big tear drops escaping from her eyes.  I couldn’t help but have flash backs to the day in China when they gave her 5 immunizations and had about 6 different doctors examine her.  Who knows she may have had the same flashbacks.  But I do know that my instinct was nothing but to comfort her and let her know how much I loved her. 
Oct 357
We now have 10 more days of antibiotics pretty much due to my observations of her and not the doctors ability to view her ear drum.  We just know that she is not herself and that something is wrong.  I find this especially interesting since I’ve taken her in once before knowing something was going on but told to wait it out and then in just days take her back and have to have the antibiotics. 
Lexi was clingy and needy all evening until Daddy came home.  Then she got a Halloween card from Aunt Kelley and then she was eager to feed her rabbit again and reseal the card to protect it (…yea, from what???? Lexi?  Too funny!)
Oct 360

And of course, without sickness or any other factor, our little Lj still had more energy than both of us put together!

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I hope the little tyke is feeling better!