Saturday, October 23, 2010


What a weekend!  We still have one day left but the past two days have been eventful to say the least.   This week, we (Mom and me) began to try a bit harder with Lj at potty training.  On Friday, Mom put her in pull-ups after school and when I got there she was having her afternoon snack sitting on the potty.  I took her home in pull-ups and continued it.  She was happy to wear the pull-up as long as she could wear a dress.  I told her that she could wear a dress as long as she wore the pull-ups.  I’ve heard of people getting kids to use the potty to keep from soiling their underpants but never one for wearing a dress.  By the end of the evening, she had gone potty twice in the potty.  She, of course, fussed about the pull-ups but by the end of the night was very proud of herself!  We had planned to go back to the pumpkin farm but decided to stay home and have some potty-training boot camp.

So how did it go… this morning, Geoff got her up and she told him she needed to potty even though she had already gone.  She had to wear a dress and was happy to potty train as long as she could wear the dress.  We went through 3 pull-ups by nap time and when she got up from her nap we put her in training pants.  She tried really hard but got distracted “crafting” with me and had an accident.  She cried so hard that my heart ached for her.  We assured her that she would make mistakes and that we were NOT mad at her.  After this traumatizing experience, we put her back in pull-ups.  I was about to give up later in the afternoon when she began to cut up and say “I don’t want to wear my pull-ups!  I want a diaper!”.  I made her sit on the potty and suddenly she said, “you hear that???”.  Sure enough, she was going pee-pee!  She got up so excited and couldn’t wait to empty the potty!  Less than 45 minutes later, she went outside to “help” her daddy grill and then came running in saying “I need to go potty!”.  I helped her sit down and she immediately began to pee.  She again said, “you hear that!”.  We praised her and she said, “I want to do it again, and again, and again!”. 

So at bedtime tonight, Geoff told her it was time for one more potty visit and that we would be putting a diaper on her.  She sat down and immediately went potty!  So we have went from 2 times to 3 times.   We are hoping for 4 tomorrow!  We have talked to her about wearing pull-ups at preschool next week and she says she wants to.  I think at this point, we have to continue the process no matter what. 

During the day today I pulled her hair up in a pony tail and she wanted to wear a hair bow that I bought her last weekend.  It IS very outrageous but she loves it!  We ended up playing catch me in a photo if you can.  I tried to get some cute photos but this was the best I could get…

Oct 390

Oct 394

Oct 395

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sfennell said... the bow. It is as big as she is. Way to go Lexi...with the potty training!