Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Preschool Fun

I never realized how much I would enjoy having Lexi in preschool but I LOVE it!  She is doing so well and learning so much that she just amazes me more and more everyday.  Well, yesterday the Fire Truck came to the school to teach the kids about Fire Safety.  It happened to be my day to bring in snacks so I dove into the Internet looking for the perfect snack.  I ended up combining a few recipes and making these cookies. 

Oct 269

Oct 268

Then I met mom up at the preschool to deliver a book for her teacher about Fire Safety.  While I was there of course, I had to snap a few pictures of Lexi taking her snacks in.

Oct 272

Oct 280

When I picked her up from Mom’s we went home with her wearing her fireman’s hat.  She was so excited about her day.  I love watching her grow and learn!

Oct 286

When we got home she found her cookies from the day before and treated herself to a snack.   

Oct 288

Of course, the “binkie” (as she calls it) is never far away. Tomorrow will be lots of fun too because her class is going to the Pumpkin Patch and I am taking a personal day from work to go with her.

P.S.  I’ve been TOLD by numerous people that I’ve been a slacker blogger and I have to admit that is true.  I will do better. 


Tracy said...

Those cookies are too darn cute!

KRZeigler said...

Super cute cookies! Very creative! I bet they took a while to make but were yummy! I am sure the kiddos loved them too!