Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lights, Camera, no battery!

 (have no idea where the sound went in this video... I guess that is the result of a 15 second video via a cell phone!)

Today was such a great day! We have been anxiously awaiting Lexi's Preschool Field Trip to the Pumpkin Farm.  They have tons of cool things to do there and we enjoyed it last year so I knew we were in for a treat!  I had Mom and Dad go with us knowing they would love it too.  I prepared so much... new pumpkin shirt, newly made matching bow from Aunt Carolyn, and even charged all THREE of my camera batteries.  So when we get there I pulled out the camera to take a picture of Lexi with Kelsey (a teacher friend's son) I got nothing!  I looked inside and just melted inside!  No battery.  How in the world could I do such a thing!  

We were rescued by Jade's Mom and Dad.  They were prepared with a Flip Video camera and a regular one so we took turns on and off all morning.  I'll probably get some pictures tomorrow from them but for now all I have is a video taken from my cell phone.  

The highlight of day was the corn house (that's what we called it anyhow). It was like a little playhouse filled full of corn kind of like one of those ball pits for kids to play in.  Lexi had nothing to do with it until after almost everyone had left but us.  We were going back around and she and I went in and it was at least 30-45 minutes before we came back out.  A little boy from church came over too and Lj and John David played so nicely!  It was so much fun.  I hope to add more pictures later.  

We will be going back if all goes well this weekend. Lexi wants to take Brennen and I WILL remember the battery!!!

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