Sunday, October 24, 2010

By Golly, I think she has got it!!


I think we have it!!!  This morning, by the time I got up Lexi had gone to the potty twice!  So I decided to drag out a Reward Chart that I had bought a few months back.  We altered it and put two stickers by week one for Friday and then three stickers for week two.  And began to add stickers for today.  We couldn’t believe how excited she got over putting her stickers on and she kept asking us all day to go to the potty.  If she couldn’t go she would say, “I’ll try again later”.  Every time she went, she ran to show us her pee and then flushed it and would say “I want to do it again and again and again!”  Then she would head to the sticker chart and put it on.  All in all today she got 12 stickers!! We finally just let her put them anywhere she wanted them.  We even got brave and took her to the grocery store in pull-ups.  She went potty before we left and then again when we got her home.   I really think she has it now!  We’ll have to work on getting the poopy in the potty next!  We are sooooo proud of her.  I never in a million years thought we could make this much progress in 3 days!