Monday, October 04, 2010


Please disregard the crying child below… this is a standard look when she is being made to do something she does not want to do… like try on jeans for Mommy.

I’ve been going through Lj’s closets and we can mark this moment in time as one when the child actually does need some new clothes.  The stuff from last fall and winter is too small or too short.  These jeans are 12-18 months.  They still fit her waist but the are high-waters. 

sept 337

sept 341

This skirt… FINALLY fits!  it’s 12-18 months.  She has several of these that will work but she will have to wear tights or leggings.

sept 342

sept 343

These are actually 2T’s that I bought for $3.99 this summer.  They fit!  At least as best I can tell while she fusses and cries to take them off.  The problem is the length.  Mom is going to hem these for us.  We are going to go shopping for her some clothes this weekend.  Hopefully, we’ll find some jeans that have the adjustable waist!

Life with a two year old can be hard sometimes. Lately, she has found her independent, bossy, whiney, demanding side.  It’s amazing the change in her!  Last Saturday, I woke up with a killer sinus attack.  I eventually went back to bed only to be woken up by her fussing.  I got up and found her finishing her lunch.  I put her plate up and a few minutes later she wanted more.  So I got her more, I gave the dog a piece of sandwich meat and she yelled out “MINE”.  I told her it was okay if I gave Sable some and then headed back to the dining room only to be fussed at by her again with “I WANT TO DO IT BY MYSELF!” (she wanted to carry the plate but with a dog in the house that was not possible.) So I asked her sit down and she went to the wrong chair.  A chair that Sable could easily jump on. So I had to “reason” with her to go to the other chair.  She continued fussing and finally I had had enough.  I told her that if she didn’t stop all her fussing I was going to spank her hinny.  Believe it or not she came right back it me with “I WANT DADDY TO SPANK MY HINNY!”.   Ugh!!!!  What child is so controlling that she even tries to dictate who spanks her.  (Not that we spank her often but sometimes, it’s called for.)

We hear “I want to do it by myself” a ga-zillion times a day!  Everything is a battle including like I mentioned above trying on clothes, deciding what to wear to  and of course the one thing that irritates me the most is how much she HATES taking pictures.  And now, the little monster makes faces for the camera.  (like she did yesterday when taking a picture with Mom before church)  Mom and Dad took her to church while we stayed home and had a few hours of quiet non-fussy, demanding fuss.  It was very welcome!

sept 336

Can the terrible twos pass sooner?  Please??? If they don’t I’ll be posting more pictures like this…

sept 181

I took this one of her bunny last week when she refused to let me snap a picture.  That didn’t work either.  At least stuffed bunnies don’t try to boss you around.

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