Monday, October 18, 2010

P of the Day

My dear friend Melissa has been after me to get caught up on my Project 365.  It’s a daunting task but I do want to do it.  I’ve got the photos but not the time!  However, I made SURE I got the picture of day today…
Oct 315
We started trying to potty train our little miss again today.  She certainly is a stubborn one! She made it through the day with Mom and never wet her pull up.  When I got there this afternoon, she was sitting on the potty.  After a fruitless wait, we headed home.  Once we got home, we did as we usually do and took Sable outside.  Then I heard her making “noises”.  Sure enough, she “used” the pull-up.  I talked to her about how big girls use the potty and we changed into another pair.  After a little while, she wet that one!  Then I decided that I would put her in training pants so that it would make her uncomfortable if she wet again.  Later on she wet those and I put her on the potty.  In a few minutes we heard “I DID IT!!”.  She did… about a tablespoon full but we celebrated like it was the most awesome thing ever.  The real payoff came during dinner though.  She got up and started to cry (she was wetting her pants) so I sat her on the potty and next thing we knew she had filled it up quite a bit!   Finally!  She was very proud of herself… so here it is the “p” of the day! 

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