Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lj Dancing Debut!

She has no formal training... LOL!  Last week Geoff was flipping through our On Demand Video channels and because Beyonce's song was used in last season's Glee he decided to watch it.  Well, Lj was still up and began to watch and then dance... I had a not so good video camera here and tried to capture it.  Before it was over, she watched AND danced to this video 5 times!  It amazed us as we watched her try to copy the dance moves on screen.  We did for sure learn how much our girl can shake her little boo-ty! I made the mistake of trying to get her to do the "hand move" that Beyonce makes but the glove scared her and now after noticing it she will not dance her song anymore... so this is it folks!  But it is cute! 

Here's take 3...

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Tracy said...

Oh my goodness...that is so funny!!!