Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day three (Thursday)

I will try to keep these shorter now, so that we can get caught up. Day three started with LJ waking up around 6. A little better than the prior morning, but mommy has officially realized that her days of sleeping late are over. No plans in the morning, but we have to go get her passport in the afternoon. She doesn't seem like herself this morning, or at least from what we have seen of her the past day and a half. A very quiet, sleepy, and clingy girl has arrived. The good news of the morning is that we have finally gotten her bottle the way she likes it and she drank 11 oz. This is the first bottle we have gotten her to take!! Hurray for DAD! He has no idea how it was made, but it worked. That also cleared up the question of her being able to suck. Sara has been extremely helpful in getting us in touch with the pediatrician to answer all our questions and concerns from here. The doctor already was in the process of setting LJ up an appointment in Savannah to find out why she was not sucking properly. But, it turns out she knows what to do, we just couldn't get it correct for her. Mommy and Daddy will learn in time.

Today turns out to be all Mommy day. It seems that most of the adopted babies have a rough time on day three. She has come to realize that she is not going back to the orphanage and that we are still here with her everyday. Wanda says that she is probably missing her caregivers from the orphanage and trying to adjust to us. Daddy is not a comfort today. Actually daddy is not really an option today. I knew coming in that it would generally be harder for her to adapt to me than Wanda, so I will wait my turn.

Time to get the passport. A short trip into Guangzhou and we appear at what looks like a police station. Up the stairs and our guide meets someone with paperwork for us. We sit and patiently wait our turn. In the meantime, we get an adoption confirmation paperwork that has our family picture from yesterday on it. It turned out just like we thought. A nice frown from the baby in the middle of the picture. A nice official document with this, our first family photo... boy will she here about this later. We also figured out how to take her picture without the sad face today. Slowly we are figuring these things out.

Our nighttime trip was to a pedestrian street market. It was block after block of shops with everything from clothing to electronics. If you have ever been to Las Vegas and went to Freemont Street, think of it like that only longer and four to five times as many people. Bright lights in the evening, and the crowd seems to grow. Wanda got some things to put her hair up. We also picked up an outfit for Lexi, I think it is still to big though. For dinner we went to an historic restaurant. Our guide left us alone to have a romantic dinner with the baby. Another lesson learned, no more romantic dinners with a baby around. We have learned to eat fast and smaller portions so we can keep her on the move.

By the end of the evening our little Lexi has come back to us. She is playful and energetic. Still a mommy's girl but daddy isn't so bad now. We might finally be growing on her.


Anonymous said...

Auntie Carolyn will ALWAYS be available to babysit for those romantic dinner evenings heck make it a weekend! I'm just looking for an excuse to go buy a crib!!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

We like to think of our late night dinners together (after AA is in bed) as our ode to European dining.
You may wish to try it when you get back... wine, candles and talking very softly so as not to wake sleeping beauty :)

Linda said...

Happy to read things are progressing. There is a flow to adjustment and you are in it now. Things should go well and you will see the real Lexi shining thru.
Hope her rash is getting better.
Thanks for including us on your journey... Linda

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, Lexi is beautiful. Congratulations, a little late I know. Your blog is making me cry like a baby. We started this journey with the same LID as you guys but we will have been home for one year tomorrow.

Have fun and again, she is just so lovely.

monica said...

You guys are doing great! Sleeping in and romantic dinners aside, what a wonderful family you are creating with Lexi. Enjoy every moment in China, it goes so fast. Can't wait to see more pictures. Love, Monica