Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 Months Post Adoption Visit

Exactly a week ago we had our 6 months post adoption social worker visit. Our agency has to send a report to China and along with that we have to send a photo collage of at least 4 pictures. Needless to say, coming up with a group of pictures was hard because we have so many. They wanted a picture of us as a family and at least one of Lexi in her room. I used the first one of her because it is one of my all time favorites. Seeing this just shows how much our beautiful girl has changed in the last 6 months! (I removed all last names as well as Lexi's Chinese names for safety reasons.) I'd love to have given them a whole album full of her as she is such a joy and we so proud to be her Mommy and Daddy!

By the way, this social worker visit was SOOOO different than the ones prior to adoption. I stressed NONE whatsoever over the condition of the house. I figured anyone with a spotless house that has a toddler either spends no time with the kids, or has a maid. As she was interviewing us she asked what Lexi's hobbies were. (Inside I was chuckling as how many hobbies can a 19 month old have??) But she looked around and before I could answer said, "I can tell she loves to read from all the books you have for her.". I was so glad because the only other answer I had for her was looking for caterpillars with her Mommy or doing her best to get ALL the attention she can from us. LOL! It was painless and now after another 6 months, we'll finally finish up the paperwork required for China.

I think when they see our pictures of Lexi they are going to think "my we sure gave this couple a beautiful little girl and what a happy family they make!".

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe it has been six months on one hand and then on the other it seems as though she has been a part of our family forever. Ya'll make a beautiful family and it shows in all the photos just how much she is loved by all! I can't imagine your lives without her in it. I think you did a great job on choosing the photos for the collage. Love you guys. Love Aunt Carolyn

ps.....the new look of the blog is GREAT!!! I love that pic of Geoff and Lexi!!!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Ah... Thank you dear sis! We also can't believe it has only been six months. Lexi has been in our hearts for a very long time. Things are not always easy but in the end all struggles make us a stronger family. We also can't imagine life without her.

Thanks for appreciating the blog... I can't take all credit. I bought a blog kit and followed the instructions! It does suit us though and it is so great to see some nice up to date pictures of LJ! I love the one of her and Geoff too!

Much love,