Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Morning Sounds

We have been trying very hard to get some video of Lexi doing some of the cute things she does... but just let me say it is easier said than done. Every time she sees us with the camera she comes running and wants it. She usually ends up crying for the camera and we end up stopping. This morning we managed to get her to say some of her animal sounds before she erupted wanting the camera. She lost interest in showing off during the middle of it but at least we managed to get something. She can tell us the animal sounds for dog, cat, bird, pig, cow, duck. She also will tell us what a train sounds like and it's just too cute. Every time we go over the railroad tracks she now has to say "choooooo-chooooo!" and every time we go over a bump she says "bump!". I'm going to keep trying until I get video of her dancing, hopefully it won't take me too long.

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Tracy said...

I'm impressed you kept her still for so long.... wouldn't happen for us!

Anonymous said...

She is tooooooo cute! Aunt Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Brennen said choo choo when you asked what the train says! :) Lexi is so cute!