Saturday, September 19, 2009

Slow Relaxing Saturday

This morning Geoff got up at the crack of dawn and took Sable to PetSmart to get shaved. On Monday, she is having some moles cut off and her teeth cleaned so we wanted to make sure she was groomed so the vet can find the nastiest of the moles and cut them off. Well, Geoff ended up not getting back until around 3:00. We wanted to do something fun with Lexi but around here things are limited. We ended up taking her for a walk. We started with her in the wagon and when we got back, she cried for more. So I decided we'd go back out for more and take Sable with us this time. Well, this is where Lexi shows her personality. She decided that she didn't want to ride in the wagon anymore and wanted to walk. So we put her down. Well, later she decided that Sable should ride in the wagon. Much to our surprise, Sable consented to this activity. If only we would have brought the camera with us for the second walk! I'm sure it would have made a cute picture of Lexi walking beside the wagon with Sable riding in it.

Lexi still pitched a huge fit when we came back in. I'll tell you, this girl loves to walk and she loves being outside!

"Come on Mom!! Let's go!!"
Is this really our Sable?? Poor thing! She's naked!

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sfennell said...

Wanda, Sable reminds me of Pepper....I miss that dog. I loved the post about your walk.