Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So Sorry... I guess it's the teacher in me but,

I thought it would be a good idea to start preparing Lexi for her first birthday party. Before you judge me... keep in mind, she has never had a birthday party celebration before and when we DO have a party for her I want it to be fun for her! So after thinking about how Brennen still didn't want to blow out his candles (okay... okay... I know he was burning up with fever that day but still...) and about how my friend Sharon has given her daughter Mary Alice a birthday cupcake for months leading up to her 2nd birthday, I decided we should begin preparing Lexi for birthday cake and candles. So I sent Geoff for a cupcake. We forgot yesterday because even though we knew it was her 20th month birthday, we were trying as a family to begin a new YMCA workout plan for me and Geoff. (Needless to say, we still need time management help!) So Geoff went to a cupcake shop in downtown Savannah today and bought Lexi an amazingly beautiful strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting... he left it at work! So he ended up bringing home a Kroger cupcake! After dinner we put her in the highchair and brought out the cupcake. Not to interested... until we lit a candle... then with the help of Mom, she blew out the candle and wanted to do it again... then... again... and again. We kept telling her it was hot... she resisted for the most part until finally curiosity won out and in a flash... finger in the flame... tears.... and me blowing out the candle. She cried until I lit the candle again. (the whole time I'm asking Geoff... "are we raising a pyromaniac???" Then she decided to touch the icing... "yuck"... "MOMMY.... where are the baby wipes... clean my fingers PLLEEEAASSSEE!" I swear she cried more over the icing on her fingers than the flame! I am beginning to wonder if she is going to be OCD and be germaphobic? I have to admit, the icing on the cupcake was gross! I hope the other one is much better or our girl will never love cake.

Anyhow, it made for a fun evening for us and just think we have 3 more months to practice!!! LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

Brennen still doesn't like cake! Hopefully Lil C will! He has a sweet tooth already!

KRZeigler said...

Since you technically missed her first birthday - do a "trial-run - let's celebrate your first birthday" and see how that goes! Or just go by a container of icing and let her play in it!

Stephe said...

Awe, that's so cute. My ped won't let G have anything strawberry yet til she's 2! I'm planning on having some at her birthday party. Yum! Stephe