Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rewind to Thursday Afternoon 9-24-09

After I picked up Lj last Thursday, we went to her room and went through some of her crates of clothes... looking for things that will fit her now. Her 6-12 months shorts are not getting tight and we were looking to see if we had anything she could now wear. We did find a few long sleeve shirts that she will be able to wear once the weather changes. We also discovered a few for now like the one in the picture. We also made a bag of things she has outgrown to share with a teacher at school. After that, I walked into the kitchen and told her we could go play outside if she would go get her shoes. Well, she disappeared for a long time and finally came back into the kitchen. I was AMAZED to see that she had one shoe on. Of course the other was missing but still... I couldn't believe she had put her shoe on (and on the right foot!) all by herself! We had to go find the other shoe and we headed outside which is her favorite place to be right now. Apparently her Nana has taught her yet another thing while we work. The funny thing is she sits back and waits for us to discover Lexi's new talents. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful my parents are with Lexi. We are so BLESSED to have them watching her while we work. Like I said earlier... Life is Good and God is good to us! I would love to be the one experiencing all Lexi's "firsts" but since we can't be with her 24/7, I just am thankful that we have our parents to take our place while we are away.

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