Thursday, September 24, 2009

7 Months Ago Today

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Isn't it hard to believe that it's been 7 months since LJ day? It's surreal to think that 7 months ago we laid our eyes on her in person for the first time and that we were in China! It feels as if she has always been a part of us.

So in honor of her 7 months with us, I decided to make a slide show that I have been wanting to do for about a month now. In August, we decided to see how many nights we could go until we ran out of different onsies. It was fun. We took pictures every night. We ended up with 20-something onsies. We had more but some had never been worn and still had tags on them and the pants wouldn't fit so we just stopped at what we had already worn before.

Lexi has had a growth spurt all of a sudden. I don't know exactly how much weight she has gained but I do know that her shorts are all tight. She has been wearing 6-12 months sizes. Well, I think we are at 12-18 months sizes now. 18 months size tops fit her too all of a sudden. The long pants will be the tricky part because she is so short. I'm going to try some 12 months jeans and see how they do. I just doesn't work to buy her "sets" of clothing. It's just amazing how much she has grown in 7 months! In China, she wore size 3 months. It's really great to see our little girl growing and changing but at the same time, it's going by much too fast!

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Anonymous said...

She is so cute! I love LJ!! :)

stacey said...

Mrs.Smith your child is funny

Anonymous said...

What a neat slide show! She has such a cute little smile!! Love you sweet little girl. Aunt Carolyn