Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Last Minute Trip

I know I'm behind ... it's been hard to keep up with the blog since school started. By the time I get Lexi home from Mom's and play with her and then cook dinner, play with her some more, get her night night bottle and read books to her and get her to bed, we are just exhausted! Lately, I've not even turned on my computer at home. So I'm trying to do some catching up. I have a few hours to kill between school and tonight's Open House so I thought I'd try to get some blogging done. I decided to leave Lexi with Mom until Geoff gets her to keep from picking her up and then dropping her right back off again.

So... Labor Day weekend we decided to try our luck on Priceline and find a hotel on Hilton Head for one night. We lucked out and got a great hotel at a great rate. Our biggest regret was not staying two night because we had so much fun! This was our first "trip" by ourselves since we came home from China in March. We took our time and got to Hilton Head about 3 in the afternoon. We headed down to check out the beach and it was just PERFECT! I had forgotten how beautiful the beach is on Hilton Head and the weather was just fantastic. It was not too hot, too humid or too cool.

This is Lexi in the hallway as we waited for Daddy to go get them to fix the key to the door so we could get in. She was not very thrilled as you can see for Daddy to leave us with all our stuff in the floor.
But eventually her "inner-Diva" took over when she realized she could run up and down the hallway.

Along with some special friends....

These are some of my favorites from our walk on the beach...

"Daddy, my Mommy would like to retire and live in one of those houses right behind me."

" Peek-a-Boo!"

"Come on Daddy... go this way!"

Perfect pair!

Beautiful girl...

Later we went to Carrabba's for dinner. Lexi usually is a charmer when we go out to dinner and that night was no exception. She didn't eat enough to fill up a baby bird but at least she was well behaved! While Daddy was paying, she and I went outside and walked around the restaurant.

This girl LOVES her hats!

"How about I wear it this way Mommy??"

"What?? Did you guys just say that it was time to go?? Back to the carseat????"

"Say it isn't sooooooo!!!!!!"

"OH NO!! They won again!"

And then on Sunday morning, we got up and took Lexi to breakfast and then headed to the beach for some fun.

Doesn't she look like a little Asian Betty Boop?

"Daddy, that's a really big bath tub!"

"Thanks for the trip Daddy!"

On the way home, we stopped at the Wild Wing Cafe'. It is here that Lexi discovered that she likes a little chicken with her Ranch dressing!.


Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest picture of Geoff and Lexi kissing!!! You should frame it for him to take to work. Carolyn

Kathy said...

Wanda, Nice to see all the new pictures of Lexi. She is just so cute and looks so happy. Hope all is going well.