Saturday, September 26, 2009

Slow-down Saturday

Today we had no plans and decided to lay low around the house. Geoff got up early to do some studying and LJ and I slept in until almost 8:00! Then her Daddy cooked us a really nice breakfast.... skillet potatoes, eggs, and sasauge! When we were cleaning up I gave Lexi some left over potatoes to "pretend" cook. She was using her new kitchen that one of the parapros at my school gave us. (Talk about being in the right place at the right time! She and I were walking to our cars and she happened to ask if I had any need for a play kitchen. Well, of course I said yes and she was thrilled to not have to stop by the Good Will to drop it off. She also had a trash bag and a half of "stuff" to go with it. I'll tell you it was like Christmas at our house that day!) Lexi is great with using her imagination so she quickly took to "cooking" her hashbrowns. Then she ate some before feeding the rest to Sable.

After her nap, Lexi and Geoff headed out front to wash the car. I just knew Lexi would love playing in the water with him but no... she did not like having to walk over the water hose (kind of reminds me of Sable not liking to walk near power cords!) She really did not like it at all until I went out and decided to give Sable a bath on the sidewalk. Lexi loved washing Sable and kept asking for more soap. Sable was thrilled when the whole ordeal was over! I had to then take little Missy inside for a bath of her own!
I love these kinds of days... washing clothes, cleaning floors, preparing easy meals, and just enjoying our life. Life is Good... and at least once today I reminded Geoff that these kinds of days are the days we dreamed of for many years. It's nice to finally have them!

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hiltonsheadeast said...

LOL Ah, they do love playing in the water, don't they? Lexi is just the cutest!