Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The First and Most Important Opinion

YES... YES... YES... This is a total keeper for a carseat. Not only does it represent the state where Lexi's father is born.. A wonderful college ranked #3 in Kiplinger's rank of the 100 best college values.. it is also the state in which Lexi's college fund has been started.

Now on to the safety of the carseat.. Britax is one of the best carseat makers on the market. The carseat is convertible.. which means we can use it over the next few years as Lexi grows.. the five point harness which keep her snug in the seat.. and the fact that it would be in my car anyway.. So Wanda shouldn't judge so quickly. If I remember correctly she also didn't like the furniture from the picture she saw as well (and we know how that ended up).

Tax season is keeping me busy so I don't have a lot of time to post on here. This week I have realized that it is much better to go in to work early and leave on time rather than go in when we open and stay late. Just got a lot of returns to finish. Only 3 plus weeks to go.


Grandmamah and Grandpapah said...

Virginia contingency.....The only vote that counts!

The car seat is on order and will be delivered directly to Geoff's office soon.

This orange seat will kick butt.

Anonymous said...

It should kick butt.......it is as ugly as a butt!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry ... the orange has GOT TO GO !!!! Orange is not appropriate for an adorable little baby girl like Lexie ... She will have NO friends ... they will all make fun of her for riding around in what they will call "The BIG ORANGE" :O(
Poor Lexie ... Poor girl ... growing up is hard enough WITHOUT riding around in a big orange car seat !!!!!
What if she doesn't even LIKE the color orange ? Pink would be more appropriate ... or maybe Red and Black ? :O)