Thursday, March 09, 2006

37 Squares and Counting!

We received MORE squares yesterday and today. I just can't believe how much fun this is! I have to keep blogging the progress to help me keep up with them all. I also need to get busy scrapbooking them all. Here are the latest additions to the fabric pile.

This one is from the Mickelson's in Arizona who are also in the process of adopting from China. I just love the little sheep on this fabric! It's one of my favorites so far!

Here's another cutie! It's from Linda H. at church. I actually taught her granddaughter, Halle, a few years ago. I think I will just have to get Halle to write us a wish!

This fabric is from two dear friends, Judy and Susan. I work with them at school. This picture doesn't show up as cute as the fabric really is. I love green. I always have and the pink polka dots make it adorable! Lexi's arrival is bittersweet for Judy because Mom babysits her twins 3 times a week and of course, next year Mom will be helping us with Lexi. I can't tell you how many times I hear "We love Ms. Mary!". And Susan is by baby-buddy! We were both trying to get pregnant at the same time and went through the worst of times together and have supported each other throughout it all. It's so great to know you have precious people around you and I do love these two women very much!

Recognize this? It's another duplicate. It's from another dear friend, Angie, at school that I just met last year. I taught her son last year. I didn't put her wish up today because it is too long, but I will share it when I get the scrapbook page made. I will say that her wish was really sweet and touched my heart very much.

We got this in the mail today. It's from Jodie and her sweet family. I met her when she was student teaching under me and then we became friends and taught several years together. Jodie has been there for me through some very rough times. We don't teach together anymore but still keep in touch. I'm so happy to get her wish. Once again, this adoption is bringing very dear people in my life together.

This square came today from the Cecil/Tiernan's in SD. who are in the January DTC Yahoo group. This fabric will work perfectly in the quilt!

Thanks so much to everyone who have helped so far with the quilt! We're a little over 1/3rd of the way there so I hope everyone who wants to participate will send it to us soon!

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Melissa said...

Would love to swap with you (squares not husbands, I'm kind of fond of mine, as I'm sure you are of yours), if your interested drop me an e-mail. I'm in Georgia too!!