Sunday, March 19, 2006

Does this look like an Easter bunny killer??

Spring is certainly on it's way! Yesterday morning we happened to look out the window to see Muffin scurrying across the fence with something in her mouth. It was a baby bunny! Apparently, the neighbor has a bunny nest and she found it. I wanted to go make her let it go but it was clear that she had injured it. She played around with it for a while and finally began to eat it. She ate about half of it and left it in the yard. I left her with it and went to scrapbook. The funny thing was later in the day, I went out front to start the grill and Smokey had found the half eaten bunny and brought it to the front porch. This is where he usually brings his kill for us to see. I can't believe even animals try to take credit for things they don't do!

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