Friday, March 17, 2006

Signs of Spring in Georgia!

We've had another mild winter in Georgia. This week has been especially nice and signs of spring are all over town. Why am I so excited about spring this year?? It's one season closer to Lexi! When we began this process it was the Summer of '05. At that point, we thought we would be traveling to get Lexi during the late summer of '06. Of course, now it 's clear that it will most likely be the winter of '06. But yet, everyday that passes is one day closer to her. This week I've watched our yard begin to welcome Spring too.
I had to begin decorating the fence again!
The thornless rosebush is almost in full bloom!

Last year's Gerber Daisy's are peeking through!
The Azelas are beginning to bloom!

I hope Lexi will love the Spring as much as I do.


Lisa and Tate said...

I am staring at MOUNTAIN covered in snow... I need to see these blooms in my yard.... But next SPRING we will have our gals!!! Hurry Spring, Summer and Fall...


Jenna said...

I NEED one of those thornless rose bushes!!!! That's beautiful.