Sunday, March 12, 2006

Testing a Daddy!

Even Muffin wanted to help out!

Geoff's been a busy Daddy-to-Be! Yesterday, we went and picked up the furniture. So this afternoon, Geoff and Chris moved it all into Lexi's room and then Geoff began putting the crib together. One hour and 18 minutes later, he was done! I just love it! We are going to have to send her Drawer Chest back though. It came out of the box messed up. Sooner or later we will get this furniture business worked out. While Geoff was putting it together, he came in the living room and asked me if this was one of the first tests of being a Daddy... putting the crib together well so that the baby doesn't fall out! Silly Man! I told him that this was nothing compared to what all he will be doing on Christmas Eve's in the future!

I guess next we'll begin hanging pictures and things on her walls. We really need a white bookcase. I've got something in mind, the trouble is finding space. Suddenly our house is getting too small!


Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

I love your crib too....I wanted to get a white one also, but I guess I'll settle with our old one :(

Melissa said...

Love the crib, and crib set. I'm doing the same colors, sage and yellow!!
p.s. e-mailed you back a little while ago!!