Sunday, March 26, 2006

Movin' On . . .

Movin' on from the car seat fun, I need to get caught up on wishes and fabric squares. I have several new ones that came in this week, which is a GREAT thing because Mom has run out of fabric to work with. She generally spends time at the end of each week working on the quilt but this week she didn't have any to work with. We're now up to 53 squares!

This one is from Sheryl in New Jersey.

This came from the Monahan family in Illinois.

And these are from the Newsomes, also from Georgia.

I've now have 25 of the wishes in Lexi's scrapbook. I'm finding that the Wish Scrapbook is great practice for later on when I make life books for Lexi. It's getting easier and I am liking my pages more.

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