Sunday, March 05, 2006

Who is being picked on now?

Seeing as how I am an accountant, and this is the busiest time of the year for us, I have been unable to post and evidently defend myself. Small sidetrack, for those of you who think that after April 15 the life of an accountant is easy because nobody files taxes after that I will proudly say that you are incorrect. The fact is that there are plenty of people who are need of our services year round. For some people we provide multiple year service. We did have one person approach us that had not filed taxes since the early 90's. Needless to say they haven't been back yet to get them prepared, still working on getting the paperwork together I suppose.

But anyway... about the stove. I moved the chair over to the stove to watch my dinner cook. Speaking of which, I was having hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. I don't remember what started it exactly, but Wanda made a comment about how my dinner seemed to smell. I just ignored her and told her what I was cooking. However, I started noticing something as well. I couldn't figure it out, but thought something wasn't right. Anyway, I was hungry so I started eating... turns out one of the hot dogs was out of date and not good. Of course it took me a couple of bites to figure it out. Gosh, I sure remember those days when my wife would cook dinner for me. Now back to the chair...I was simply out of the room when Wanda snuck in and took the picture. Totally out context. Now I know how the celebrities and politicians feel when there actions are taken out of context. If this continues I may have to hire a lawyer and have these stories removed for slander.

Now on to this ballroom dancing. Besides the fact that everyone at work said they would pay to watch me dance, I think that I will like the dancing a lot. Would you like to know why? It is because I am in charge. That is right... The MAN is in charge. All I need to do is stand there and look good while Wanda does all the work. So needless to say she had better learn her part, I will not let her make me look silly on the dance floor.

Finally, by the end of the week Lexi's college fund will be started. I know it seems a bit early, but you can never start to early. We are starting a 529 plan through American Funds. (business plug... besides being an accountant, I am also a financial advisor) Wanda or I will be the beneficiary on the account to start with, but we can change it once Lexi gets here. The extra time might prove useful later. Besides you never know where she may want to go to college or what she will be when she grows up.


Wanda and Geoff said...

Ugh... cough... cough!!! I'm not sure I will let Geoff post again! But nevertheless, Lexi will attend the college of HER choice based on HER future desires, and NOT her father's desire to attend an ACC school. Once again, I know exactly what my dear hubby is thinking!

Wanda and Geoff said...

And, and one more thing! If you believe the story that he was watching his hot dogs cook... I have some South Georgia Swamp land for sale! Just call me!