Wednesday, March 29, 2006

56 and counting!!!

I've gotten a few more squares this week which brings us up to 56! I'm also about to send out 3 more to some fellow DTC friends. I really enjoy sending them out!

This fabric is from my mom's neighbor Ann. I grew up with her across the street. She had a stroke a few years ago but is doing well. I'm happy she is participating!
This is another square from a fellow DTC'er. She is from Geoff's home state. I totally love the ladybugs! This should help brighten up Lexi's quilt! Thanks Shannon!
And finally, this is from a dear friend from work. It totally fits her with the froggies, butterflies and ladybugs! (She gave me two fabrics to choose from) She sure loves her critters! Thanks Shaye! Shaye sent the wish to me in email so that I can scrapbook it any way I want. I can't wait to get started on another page set.

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