Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Squares!

We've gotten more squares the past few days. This is just my first opportunity to post them. And by the way, I've also mailed out two more to others (one in Canada and another in South Dakota). I am pretty sure that I have mailed out a wish to everyone who has asked.

This one is from a Holly, a fellow teacher at my school. She gave us two fabrics to chose from. These are also from the Charleston collection.

This one is from the Stanley's in our January DTC group. I love the words on this fabric. She is using this as the focal point in her child's quilt. It's adorable!

This one is from another couple from the January DTC group. I love this fabric also! It will work perfectly in the quilt.

These two are from Geoff's Grandmother (Nanny) and her roommate Maggie. Now the pressure is on for the rest of the Virginia crew to get their squares to us!

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