Saturday, March 04, 2006

Catching Up on Squares we have recieved

This quilt is turning into a lot of fun! I love checking the mail everyday! These are some of the squares we have gotten the past few days.

Yet ANOTHER Precious Moments square! It's from Mrs. Main at school.

This one is from the Winger Family in Utah.
These three are from my Aunt Louise, Cousin Brenda and Cousin Harriett.

These 2 are from my Aunt Lucille and Cousin Kay.

This one is from the Lane's in Misouri.
This one is from the Cromwell Family in Illinois.

This one is from the Jester family in California.

This one is from Kim that works with my sister Carolyn.

Mom has been busy working on matching and cutting the fabric into smaller pieces. She decided to change the pattern so that we could have larger squres. This quilt is going to be so nice! Thanks everyone for sending us fabric! Now I've got to get busy making scrapbook pages. And for now, I'm all caught up with posting what we have recieved!

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