Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've been Tagged!

While we were away Mary "tagged" me to tell 6 weird things about me. So here goes...

1. I will not watch the Wizard of Oz because it scared me as a child. Lexi will not watch this movie if I have anything to do with it. (It's because of those awful flying monkey's!)

2. I cannot sleep unless I have at least two pillows. I've been known to ball up clothes to make a pillow when I'm short one on a trip.

3. I have reoccurring dreams about my teeth falling out.

4. I always have to follow a recipe and will not begin cooking unless the kitchen is clean.

5. No matter how well -rested I am, I will fall asleep in the car if the trip is over 15 minutes long. This happens to me as a passenger and as a driver. For this reason, I rarely drive myself distances over an hour.

6. I have chronic insomnia so when I can't sleep, I try to find an episode of "American Justice" to watch because Bill Curtis' voice is soothing to me even if the episode is not. Golf also works.
And since I'm telling all about my weirdness I made a list up of Geoff's as well.
1. He always has to have the tops on his pens.

2. When he gets a drink and he does not open it until about 15 minutes later. I find this weird because aren't you thirsty when you go to get something to drink??

3. He will not go barefoot (he always has to have on socks but will not wear flip flops or sandals).

4. He has to have his shirts hanging on hangers in a certain direction. I just like mine on the hanger!

5. He fixates on old tv series but rarely gives anything new a chance. During our life together he has watched every episode of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (he swears he doesn't remember this one), then "Saturday Night Live", then "The Pretender", then "Everybody Loves Raymond", and is currently stuck on "Walker, Texas Ranger". What will be next????

6. Geoff does not cry even when in great pain. He does the opposite and laughs! When he had appendicitis, the doctor didn't think anything was wrong because he laughed when he pressed on his stomach. The closest I've seen him to crying is when I had the miscarriage and he "teared" up.
So here's how this blog tagging works. If you have already been tag then don't worry about it! Rules of the tag: 1) List 6 weird facts about yourself and post them on your blog and in my comments section. Then tag 6 more people. 2) Leave a comment in their comments section telling them they are tagged and to go to your blog.
I'm going to tag Stephe, Shannon, Yvonne, Jenna, Sara, and Lisa.


Shannon S said...

Oh no! I'm tagged *again*!=) I'm going to be 0-6 on finding new 'victims'. I'd better go search out more I need more online time! Still figuring out my weird qualities....check in tomorrow maybe! Glad you enjoyed your mini-get away.

Yvonne said...

thanks for the tag - I have never been tagged before! Didn't take me long to come up with 6 things - but I don't know who to tag - i'm sort of a blog lurker - no one knows me!!! See my blog for my weirdness!

Jenna said...

Gee Thanks!! This should give me something interesting to think about at work today. I don't know that I can think of 6 things.

Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

I'm just like you when it comes to riding in the car. If I know I'm on a trip I'll immediately get sleepy! Thanks for sharing! :)

Louise said...

I have the dream about my teeth falling out too.

Apparently it means that you have an untrustworthy employee who is stealing from you. Which is really detailed, but totally inaccurate.

Shelli said...

The Wicked Witch scared me - the monkeys are creepy too!

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