Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Keep Them Coming!!

I'm awful busy these days keeping up with squares. I don't think Mom can say she is caught up now! And just last weekend, I thought I was caught up scrapbooking the squares that I have wishes for... now my pile is so big! Many of my friends and family still owe us a wish, so I've been bugging them for that too. I guess the old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is true!

This is from the Bellew family. I work with Tammy at school. She has two adorable little ones. Brooke helped her pick out the fabric. They even gave me so ribbon to use. I love the smiling flowers!
This fabric is from another friend at work, Letha. This fabric is just timeless! I remember Sara have a gown with this same print. Letha is one of the most kind and generous woman I've ever met.
This is from a fellow bloggers, the Crowell's from California. In my haste to get the fabric to Mom, I forgot to take a picture of the fabric with the wish. It is beautiful though. So as of now, we have 83.

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