Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We're Back!

If only the time we have to wait for Lexi would go as quickly as our little mini-trip did! We had a really great time! Geoff got to eat at his favorite "hot wing" restaurant (The Wild Wing Cafe'... his favorite flavor is the Wild West which is a spicy ranch and mine is the Jalepeno Cheddar.. Yum!!) and then last night we discovered a new favorite, The Oyster Factory. I had a Mahi-Mahi dish that was "out of this world" delicious! The weather was nice and it was perfect for laying out by the pool yesterday. Today it was cloudy but hey... we were leaving! I was supposed to golf with Geoff but he forgot to bring a set of clubs for me to use. I think he just totally dreaded watching me butcher the game! We did go play Putt-Putt last night and once again, I was victorious! This is such a big deal because I have never, ever, EVER won a game until last summer. Now I have two in a row! I even had two... count'em one, two!!! hole in ones! I can't claim that I am really any good but hey, I won! I told Geoff that I was going to begin saving the score cards to wall paper the study!

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Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

Welcome home! Sounds like y'all have fun! Congrats on winning golf!