Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Virginia Connection is here...

The Virginia Crew has arrived. Geoff's Mom mailed out fabric for herself and Jake, Geoff's sister, Kelley and her husband Mike, Gran Gran and Papa, and Geoff's brother Jake and his wife, Irina. The wishes should come in a few weeks when his parents and Irina come to visit.

This one is from Irina. She picked out fabric for her and Jake. Jake is currently in Iraq. She sent a second choice too, but we're going to go with her first choice.
This one is from Geoff's grandparents, Gran Gran and Papa.
This one is from Jake and Diane. I love the green and the little animals on it.

And finally, this one is from Mike and Kelley.

All of these are totally adorable. I'm sure they will fit right into the quilt. Now... I need wishes. Actually, when they come down to visit, we are going to do their pages together. If I'm correct, I think this makes 87. We very well may end up with more than 100 wishes. But then again... you can't have too many well wishes.

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