Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This quilt is bringing out the beast in me. I've probably been irritating my co-workers all week (Okay, so it's only Tuesday) BUT apparently it's working. These are some of the newest additions.

This beautiful rose fabric is from Geoff's Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jackie in Virginia. I can't wait to get their wish... it will probably have a hidden message about not getting lost (inside family joke). Needless to say, I love it! It's beautiful fabric and we were thrilled to get this in the mail. Living 10 hours away, we never get enough time to see them.
This fabric is a bit different from the norm. Mrs. Banks at school gave it to me. It's from our dear friend Elisa that passed away a few weeks ago. Her family wanted the teachers at our school to "have" the things left in her room. All I wanted was some scrap of fabric if there was any. Many of us teachers use fabric for bulletin boards. I really wanted to include a page in the Lexi's book for Elisa. She was the type of person that provided a great example for others. She lived her life with passion and excitement. I will enjoy telling Lexi about her some day. She's touched so many lives and her memory will go on.
This fabric is from my next door buddy at school, Angela. She is a wonderful friend who loves babies as much as I do! She went well beyond the call of duty and gave me her fabric along with some paper to scrapbook with and a vellum "princess" header, ribbon and some little girl stickers. I hope my page for her will do justice for all of her kindness.

This fabric is from my "Harley-driving 2nd grade-teaching" friend, Jamie. He's a real cool guy and his kids just love him. I sort of twisted his arm to get this. I told you... the beast is emerging!!

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