Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's no April Fool's, We're up to 60 now!!

The fabric continues to come in! Yea! I love checking the mail and running into friends who bring me their fabric. This I received this batch of fabric from my dear friend Debra. She brought us 4 to choose from!!! She said she wanted us to have plenty of choice! Mom and I decided that we will be using the red Asian fabric for a pillow for Lexi.

This piece is from my niece, Alyson. She's in middle school now, but when she was a newborn, I kept her for 6 weeks while my sister recuperated from surgery. I spent those weeks pretending she was mine. I didn't even tell people who saw me with her any different. I secretly wished my sister would give her to me. (I know that's silly but I wanted a baby so bad). I cried my eyes out when I had to give her back. I watch her grow older and have my own little wishes for her in my heart.

This fabric is from another niece, Kim. Kim was born 3 days after Sara. Obviously, My sister and I were pregnant at the same time. My due date was first but Shirley showed signs of delivering sooner than I. Plus, Kim was Shirley's second child and Sara was my first. The funny thing was that we both wanted to name our child Sara. Shirley told me that she would wait to name her daughter until the day she left the hospital if she was first (apparently, I had picked out the name Sara first). I was 13 days over due and still managed to go into labor first. Needless to say, I have the Sara. When Kim was born Shirley decided that she wasn't a Sara afterall and named her Kim. Kim is in college now and is a phenomenal young woman.

This is from my brother Richard. One thing that comes to mind about him is his thoughtfulness. Anytime you get a card from him, it is picked out with deep thoughtfulness and caring. I'm sure his wish to Lexi is going to be awesome!

This is from my neice Britney. Britney has written a letter to Lexi with her wish. I can't wait to share it with everyone but I'm going to wait until she and I make her scrapbook page. She is one of the sweetest little girls you could ever know.


Kim M. said...

Wow thats a lot of squares. You must be thrilled!

kelly bitzer said...

me and mom sent ours in the mail yesterday we will email the wish later.