Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tryin' To Get Caught Up!

It seems to be getting harder to keep up with posting new squares. Geoff's Mom and Dad and sister-in-law visited over the weekend so we were especially busy over the weekend. So here goes....

This is from a dear teacher friend of mine that now lives in Wyoming. I think I've said this before but this quilt is such a great way to reconnect with friends and family. I was so excited to get this in mail!

This is a wish and fabric from the Stewart's that go to our church. The card has the verses from "Jesus Loves Me" and then on the back of the card it tells about the history of the song. The wish was so sweet and yes, Lexi will grow up singing this song.

This is a wish from a fellow friend, Loretta, and teacher at my school. The wish was very special. She told the story of how her Mom used to make quilts from old clothes. She gave me a piece of fabric from one of her daughter's dresses. How special!!

When I got back from Spring Break, Melaine had some scrapbook stickers for me. My scrapbooking talent is getting better and I was going to redo her page. So she picked out some pretty stickers for me to choose from. I'm so blessed to have such great friends.

I got this fabric and scrapbook page from Nikki at school. She is the most talented scrapbooker I know. This page is totally awesome! The fabric is from Flavia, whom she quoted on the page. It's so sweet!

Thanks everyone! This quilt and scrapbook is going to be a treasure for Lexi! And we're so blessed with awesome people!

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Shelli said...

I spent several hours updating my quilt blog. I kept putting it off.