Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Only 20 to go!!!!

This is from another fellow teacher who wants to pinch Lexi's little cheeks as bad as I do! She also managed to choose colors that I totally love! I would love to have a skirt made out of this material. In fact, I loved it so MUCH that I called mom to tell her about it and then I made a special trip to the church to hunt her down to give it to her. This pictures can only BEGIN to show how cute it is. Her wish was especially sweet too. Thanks Stacey!!
And yet one more special friend that my beastly ways managed to convince her to just "do it!". Kellie gave me two pieces to choose from, which makes Mom especially happy because she is so meticulous about matching fabrics for the squares! She also emailed me a wish. It's friends like this that have contributed to my decision to stay at my school next year. As an Instructional Technologist, I would have to move on to work with other schools next year. So I recently made the decision to stay at my school next year as the computer teacher. You really can't compare the feelings of family that I have at my school. I'm so blessed with many supportive, good friends. Thanks Kelley!

Now.... 20 to go! Of course, we may end up with more than 100 wishes but that's okay with me! Can't have too many wishes for special little girl!

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