Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's My Birthday and I'll talk (Long) if I want to...

Today has been an up and down b-day. I had a meeting at the Tech Office today (which was not the most fun meeting I've had in a while) and didn't get to my school until after lunch. When I got there, my dear friends Melissa, Melaine, and Susan had a nice gift for me from my favorite store in town. It was a Sign of Love Willow Tree Angel that came with a Yankee Candle as well as a car coaster (really cool!) and some Yankee matches. It was totally sweet of them! Then just after, I got a call from my brother in law. I couldn't believe it because I think it was night time in Iraq. The first thing that popped out of my silly mouth was, "Your calling from Iraq??" Duh! He's only been there for a year now! But we had a nice conversation and he totally made my day!

Geoff surprised me with a set of Golf Clubs. I've wanted to try it so I guess now I will. I thought it would be something fun we could do together. Plus he got me a pink scrapbooking case to carry all of my stuff in when I have a crop. This is cool because now I won't have to lug all my stuff in a rubbermaid container anymore! He's always great a picking out gifts.

Then I selfishly went to our school's Harley driving 2nd grade teacher and got him to have his kids sing happy birthday to me. (Just imagine... "Happy Birthday to you (cha, cha, cha!), Happy Birthday to you, (cha, cha, cha!) and so forth ~ You can't beat kids singing to you!) I missed having a class to do that this year so I made it happen!

Then Geoff called and wanted to grill steaks for me but no sooner did I buy them, did it start pouring rain. So I cooked dinner instead and we saved the steak for tomorrow. Rats! So I decided to get on the computer and check out the CWA web board and my Yahoo Groups. This is where I got down in the dumps somewhat. It seems that the wait is getting longer again! Now the wait for referral is more like 12 months from log in date. If this remains true, we will probably won't be going to China until my NEXT birthday. This experience seems to be the never ending uncertain journey! When we decided to try to have a baby, I told Geoff that I had a cut off date for becoming a mom again. Well, the next birthday is it. I never dreamed I'd be cutting it so close. It's frustrating!!! The only thing I can do is pray that things will change in China and will speed up. I wonder if we will ever get there. I worry that something will go wrong.... Ugh!!

So as I try to be positive I have been trying to think of good reasons to travel in the Spring of 07....
1. More time to get in shape and loose weight
2. Finish the dissertation
3. Have all 100+ wishes scrapbooked
4. learn to play golf before I can't do it anymore
I'm stretching to get 4 reasons... Anyone have any more??? I guess I could add, that I'd have the best birthday present ever but I'd like it at Christmas or Thanksgiving!

So this is it... Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. I titled this especially for my sister because she tells me I'm too long winded sometimes on the blog. :)


Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!! Sounds like you had a nice birthday! Be careful while your breaking in those golf clubs that your not breaking any windows in the process. I love anything yankee candle too...they smell sooo good! Happy Days! Stay postive with the wait! :)

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday!

kelly bitzer said...

hye aunt wanda.
happy late birthday haven't been on in a few days because it hasn't been long that i got home from hospitsal with a broken phemer and now i have a bad broken arm.
love kelly