Monday, April 10, 2006

We're Up to 74!!

And the squares keep coming . . .

This is from one of my neighbors and dear friend, Mrs. Dunham. I can't help but call her Mrs. Dunham because when I first met her, she was Sara's first grade teacher. (She eventually left to go teach on the military base much to my dismay.) We attend the same church and even live within a half a mile of each other. She is from China so that just gives me one more reason to feel close to her. She's a wonderful woman and I'm very happy that she is in our life.
This fabric is from my sister, Shirley. I'm the baby of the girls and she has the distinction of being the middle child. I always thought being the baby girl was the worst.... too many opportunities for them to pick on me. But, now that we are all grown... age makes no difference. I love my sisters!
This is from Leigh Ann. She is my special Mary Kay "lady" as well as a dear funny friend. We always have a blast when we have a girls weekend. And by the way, Leigh Ann is also a teacher.
This is fabric from a fellow teacher. She had to have bees because once she married she became a "Busby". Now everything is bees! She's a dear sweet friend.
!?? Is this Precious Moments" again!!??? This fabric is from my sister's "boss". It's hard to think of her as a boss because she and Carolyn are such great friends. Jennifer is also Leigh Ann's sister.... hummmm... any sisterly similarities here???? I think so! (Please... no more Precious Moments!!! It drives Mom insane because she had to cut out each square so exactly... we've got it!! Not once, twice, three times or four... We don't need anymore!) Just teasing, we appreciate any fabric we get. It is funny though how many people chose this fabric!

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