Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Can't help but reminense...

Look back at this post... http://waitingforlexi.blogspot.com/2005/12/lexis-first-outfit.html and see the outfit Lexi finally was able to fit into today! That was 4 years ago! Still she has no need for the sweater because it seems to get warmer and warmer here every year but the rest was cute, cute, cute! (of course in the "real world" she is totally out of style!! That was so 4 years ago!!! LOL!) Okay... well, the hat was a tad bit small for her head and she didn't have on the matching socks but the onesie and pants were a pretty good fit (12-18 months Gymboree ... my how she is growing!). As in my earlier post... we are now seasoned parents and now find practical outfits that cost a lot less and save our cash for the outfits we really think are too cute to pass up! I can always find at least one in each of Gymboree's seasonal lines. Trust me, our girl is much more fashionable than I will ever be!

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