Monday, December 07, 2009

I need a Weekend away from my Weekend!

Our weekend was BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! On Saturday we had Christopher Evan's birthday party at our house and then after it was over, we took Brennen and Lexi to see the Christmas Parade in Savannah. Then he spent the night for the first time since we came home. We've been reluctant to tackle a sleep over since Lexi was so unwilling to share us with any small kids. Well, she's over that now at least when it comes to her nephews and she is totally in love with Brennen. They are 6 months apart but they get along just fabulous! She calls him Bren and totally acts like a boy when he is around. She wrestles him to the floor and chases him all over. She even willingly will get her diaper changed as long as Brennen is getting changed too.

CE was quite a funny boy at his party. He loved the cake and made a wonderful little mess! We enjoyed watching him so much. And Lexi and Brennen really enjoyed the Elmo riding toy that we got CE for his birthday.

He's such a beautiful boy!

Brennen had a nice surprise for me this weekend too. His whole life we've referred to me as "Grammy". Well, he has different ideas. He began calling me Nan this weekend. It's too cute. So I guess we're Nan and Papa.

On the way to the parade we stopped by Target and picked up two Harness Buddies. We didn't have but one stroller and knew that Lexi would have nothing to do with riding in a stroller if Brennen wasn't in one. We've been talking about buying one of these anyhow because Lexi is getting more and more independent and doesn't like the riding in the stroller. She'd rather walk. We were pleasantly surprised at the positive comments that people made about how cute they were and what a great idea it was. Only one man made a rude comment about us "putting Lexi on a leash". More than once I held tight to the handle to keep her from bolting in the street. I could walk with the kids and feel that they were safer than if they were just walking and we didn't have to insist they hold our hand (which is often another battle in itself).

I can't wait to scrapbook some of the pictures we took this weekend. Life just has new meaning since we became Grandparents and parents of Lexi.

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mhsands said...

Okay, the "leashes" r 2 cute! Lov'n LJ's hat 2!

MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...

I just got one of those little monkeys things for ML too. Have not used it yet, but will be very soon. She's a wanderer, and I'm always afraid she will wiggle out of my hands.