Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cutie Pie

Still lovin' some hats!

Today Mom kept Lexi late for me so that I could finish making some homemade gifts for some extra special friends at work. What I could normally knock out in 2 after work days now takes much longer! I am not sure without Mom helping if I could have pulled it off. I'd post the pictures of my homemade gifts but FIRST must give them and then let everyone in on the fun.

Lexi got to open her FIRST Christmas present today from Ms. Fair! She was awesome! She totally gets the ripping of paper and loved to find what was inside! She gave her 2 Christmas outfits that she needs to wear now so she told me to give them to her. Lexi loves them! I can't wait to post pictures but tonight I'm just too tired! But certainly Lexi LOVED the new outfits especially one of them...

I promise I will update with pictures soon!

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Carolyn Smiley said...

I MUST have a copy of that photo! Send it to me on Shutterfly so I can order one!!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Can you believe it's a cropped one! I took Geoff out and zoomed in on her face. He was wearing his Obama t-shirt and I KNEW better than to post that! LOL!