Monday, December 28, 2009

For the love of "Blanky"!

Today after Lexi on her very own went and got her pink blankie out of the crib before her nap I thought it was "safe" to put the green one in the washer. I even told her I was going to take and wash it. She didn't complain until she heard the water rushing into the washer and then came screaming into the room in protest. I showed her the wet blanket and told her it would be okay that she had her pink one to sleep with. She settled down and took her nap with pink blankie instead of the green one. So after she got up I took her to the dryer and we took out the green one. My goodness was our little one happy! She sure loves that blanket! She also LOVES this outfit that Ms. Fair gave her from work. I've had to "pry" it off her every time she has worn it so tonight I just left it on since she had a late bath and never went outdoors She loves it so much she will fight us tooth and nail to get it off. She was even happy to get dressed today once she saw it was what she had to put on! Who knows... it may be May before we can stop her from wearing it!


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mhsands said...

Oh Lord... I remember the blankie days. Actually, we were just laughing about the very subject yesterday!